Mod Options

Available only on the Ethos OD Preamp & Ethos OD Amp.  The TLE/Classic Switch allows you to switch between the Classic Mode and the TLE (Tighter Low End) Mode. 

HRM Demo by Rodney Gene Jr.

Ethos OD w/ HRM eq

  Clean-Fusion Amp w/ HRM eq

 FX Loop on Ethos Clean Amp 

Available on the Ethos Overdrive, Clean & Clean-Fusion (Preamps and Amps).

The HRM eq is a finely tuned, three band post EQ, inspired by the later models of the most sought after boutique amplifier.  Designed to work with both the Ethos Clean and Fusion Channels, the HRM eq extensively expands the tonal pallet of the Ethos. Available on all Ethos Preamps and Amps.  The HRM Bypass Switch can also be installed.

TLE/Classic Switch: Option 1

TLE/Classic Switch

    Ethos OD Amp w/ HRM & Bypass Switch 

 FX Loop and HRM eq on Ethos OD Amp

Clean-Fusion Preamp with FX Loop

 TLE vs Classic Demo by Tim Lerch

Custom Tones, LLC


Available on the Ethos Overdrive, Clean & Clean-Fusion (Preamps and Amps). The FX Loop mod was developed after great customer demand. It can be installed in all Ethos pedals.  Locating the FX Loop in the preamp section allows your effects to be heard via the normal and speak sim outputs, as well as the speaker out. This configuration can be very useful when running a feed from the speak sim to the PA/board while listening via the amps local speaker. The FX Loop is within the Ethos, so when you bypass the unit, the effects will be bypassed as well.

  • Loop Type: Serial
  • Input Impedance: 1 Megohm
  • Output Impedance: 1 kohm

HRM EQ & HRM EQ Bypass Switch: Option 3 & 4
FX Loop Mod: Option 2

Clean-Fusion w/ HRM eq

Ethos OD Preamp with FX Loop