Ten Key Features:

  • Dual Independent Channels with EQ


  •  Preamp Boost (OD Channel)
  •  Speaker Simulation Output
  •  Guitar Amp Compensation Circuit w/ Hi-Cut
  • Tone Stack Toggles:

         Brite,  Modern/Classic, Jazz/Rock

  • DI Interface for broadband Systems
                (PA,Studio,or PC)

  • Feeds a Power amp/speaker combo
  • Operates on +9V battery or Wall Adapter 
  • Buffered Inactive Mode Mitigates Loading Effects
  • Compact Size:

     -Dimensions 7.5"x 4.75"
     -Rugged die-cast Aluminum Chassis


  • Powerful Tone Stack Voicing
  • Selectable Natural Soft Drive Limiting
  • Speaker Simulation Output for Direct Applications: PA, Recording Studio, PC/Pads
  • Buffered Bypass Mode Mitigates Loading Effects
  • Compact Size: 3.75"x 4.75"x 1.25"
  •  ​CLEAN II UPGRADES​​      
  1. Tone Stack Options: "Mid Shift" and "Deep"
  2. "SKY" and "SSS" are the same tones as "Modern/Classic" from the original clean pedal. 
  3.  The new names more accurately represent the       actual D topologies and avoid confusion of what       "70's-80's tones" mean. 
  4. External Power Range.  The pedal can now operate over the range of 9-18VDC providing more headroom if desired.
  5.  The DRIVE switch now offers a hard drive option in addition to the soft drive.  The new hard drive feature provides a higher gain dynamic drive capability.
  6. Comes with the latest Guitar Amplifier Compensation (GAC) & Speaker SIM Design Updates.  The new GAC adds Richer Body to your tone.  The Speaker SIM emulates top end compression making it sound better with all types of distortions and overdrives. 

Ghisi "Some Blues"​

Barbie Almalbis

  • Inspired by the Boutique Trainwreck TM Express Valve Amplifier
  • Emulates the sound of a valve power amp being pushed to its limits--breathes and reacts to your playing.
  • Powerful Tone Sculpting controls let you tune the TWE-1 to your amp to get Optimal Tone.

 Shawn Tubbs Tutorial & Demo

Craig Wagner

Mike Hermans: Demo 2

Rodney Gene Jr

Tim Lerch

Customer Comments on Ethos Clean II Preamp:

"WOW!!!  This pedal (and the sound that comes out of it) is AMAZING!  I currently own at least 50 overdrive pedals and NONE of them (repeat NONE) sound as good as the Clean II does.  It is not that my other pedals are low cost versions.  I have many 'boutique' pedals from makers around the world. NONE of them are as SMOOTH as yours is and NONE of them respond to different playing 'attack' levels and at all kinds of volume levels like yours does.

Had I purchased your pedal a few years back I would likely never have purchased anything else. That is not to say that I don't enjoy some of the other equipment that I have but your pedal seems absolutely IDEAL for my particular taste in music which is more 'traditional' in nature requiring mostly low-medium gain range. The various options that you have provided the user also complement my 'stable' of guitars (mostly Stratocasters) very nicely.

I am by no means a professional musician but I believe I can tell when the combination of guitar, pedal and amplifier seems to be made for each other. Yours was the 'missing link' that I have been looking for.

So, I would like to send along my compliments to you for the creation of such a valuable piece in the musical 'supply chain'. It is clear that your work in other areas (preamps etc.) has resulted in these and your other pedals being so successful and much desired.

I am now on the happy journey again of testing out the Clean II with all of my guitar and amp combinations. That will take me some time but when I get closer to the end of that road, I will likely be ready to order my next pedal from you. Thanks again for your work in designing and building this pedal."  Dan Anthony, Ontario Canada

Read more reviews on the Review Page

The Clean-Fusion model takes the Ethos Clean w/Fusion Boost Mod and Raises it to another level with 5 Additional Features:

1. The Clean-Fusion provides a second Independent Fusion OD Channel.

2. The Fusion OD Channel includes dedicated Gain and Volume Controls.

3. The Fusion OD Channel is selectable via an On-Board Foot Switch.

4. The Fusion OD Channel includes a Soft Drive Circuit, independent of the Clean Channel. This allows the Clean Channel to be operated in two modes of operation.  Soft Drive ON for natural limiting, or OFF for maximum headroom.

5. The topology is similar to the Dxmble Overdrive Special, whereby the Fusion OD Channel shares the Equalization controls with the Clean Channel.

* Like the Ethos Clean w/Fusion Boost mod, the Clean-Fusion Preamp comes with the latest Guitar Amplifier Compensation (GAC) & Speaker SIM Design Updates.  The new GAC adds Richer Body to your tone.  The Speaker SIM emulates top end compression making it sound better with all types of distortions and overdrives.  Note: The Clean-Fusion Amp offers all of the above, plus an integrated 30 Watt (RMS) Power Amplifier.

Mike Hermans 

Guitar Player Magazine Reviews Ethos TWE-1 Pedal (tested by Art Thompson)

"Inspired by the Trainwreck Express amplifier (built by the late Ken Fischer), the TWE-1 is solid-state pedal designed to emulate the touch-responsiveness and clean-to-overdriven range you get from a high-grade tube amp. Along with Volume, HI Cut, and Gain controls, the pedal has 3-position Cab switch (4x12, 2x12, off), a Presence switch that provides three levels of high-frequency boost (post OD), a Voice switch (Traditional and Modern British), and a bypassable Brite switch that provides two levels of high frequency boost (pre OD).

      Tested with Tele and a Trussart Steeldeville through a Fender Deluxe Reberb set clean, the TWE-1 with its Gain at noon or higher responded in an amp-like way to changes in guitar volume and picking strength, delivering everything from gritty cleans to richly saturated distortion textures. Thanks to its strong output, the TWE-1 is suitable for clean boosting too. All good stuff, butthe standout feature of the TWE-1 is its powerful tone-shaping ability. The HI-Cut knob attenuates treble when turned clockwise, and the Brite switch makes it easy to get the appropriate sparkle with humbuckers or single-coils. The Cab switch beefs up the low-end significantly in the 4x12 position (I felt the 2x12 setting sounded best with my Deluxe), and the Voice switch lets you choose between a thicker tone in the "M" position or one with more upper-midrange emphasis in the "T" setting. The Presence switch set to HI restores shimmer when the Hi Cut control is turned up (a cool sound in itself), and between all of these functions, the TWE-1 certainly answers the needs of players who want a compact OD pedal with exceptional sound and flexibility.  KUDOS: Excellent tube-style distortion tone. Very dynamic and touch responsive. EQ option galore. CONCERNS: none"  January 2018 issue, Pg 88.

ETHOS TWE-1: Clean-to-Scream with just the turn of your guitar volume control! 

Guitar Player Magazine Reviews Ethos Overdrive:

"...The Speaker Simulated output makes the Ethos OD TLE insanely versatile, providing you with a home recording tool, as well as a direct-to-the-P.A. conduit to give you total control over your front-of-house tones.  Plugging straight into my laptop for quick demos was not only easy, it sounded great as well.  Its excellent utility, as well as its ability to impart boutique-amp tones, make it a sure-fire winner."  

Published in Guitar Player Magazine, Sept 09 (Full review on Review Page)

Clean-Fusion I with Les Paul

Daryl Jahnke

Rodney Gene Jr

Jack Zucker

Mason Razavi

Premier Guitar Magazine:  'Tone Tips: A Mini-Board is Born'  by Peter Thorn

"...I'm going to detail a powerful mini-pedalboard that can cover a huge range of tones and serve as an entire rig if necessary--no amp required. Be it compressed cleans with modulation, reverb, and delay, or on-the-edge rocking crunch, I want it all in a 14" by 14" package...Pedal No.1 (of 9) The Ethos Clean II Preamp from Custom Tones, LLC was designed to essentially mimic the tone and response of a guitar amplifier. It can be used as a preamp and/or overdrive in front of a traditional guitar amp, but it can also be patched into a power amp and cabinet, or direct into a PA or recording interface. And because its output is buffered--even when bypassed--this supersedes the need for a standalone buffer on the board to keep the guitar strong and uncolored..." read full review at www.premierguitar.com/articles/print/25161-tone-tips-a-mini-board-is-born

  Clean-Fusion I with strat

Brett Kingman Jam w/ Explorer

Ethos Clean II Preamp: Based on the Clean Channel of the Ethos Overdrive. Offering Boutique                                                   Tone with a high degree of flexibility in a single compact package. 

Tim Lerch

Customer Comments about Ethos TWE-1 Pedal:

"This pedal is absolutely off the charts...unbelievable tone...so congrats on landing another customer for life...THANK YOU!!"   Rod E., OK

"...I seldom rave about gear or send thank you notes, however, this one...Rob certainly deserves a big Thank you...I am extremely impressed with the TWE-1.  Several years ago, I played on an original Train Wreck amp for about a 1/2 hour in Alvin, Texas. Reminded me of my 1st Marshall 50 watt Super Lead 1973, only it was cleaner and would go from Sultans of Swing clean to ZZ Top Rythameen with just the guitar volume knob. IMHO, the Ethos TWE-1 comes just as close to that Train Wreck amp as the Friedman BE-OD pedal does to a real BE 100 amplifier."   Dave Miley, Texas

"It's truly an awesome gain machine, very flexible and adaptive to my rig. I was especially pleased to find how well it pairs with other pedals, particularly after a transparent boost and my low-gain Archer Ikon.  Congrats on a fine product!"  Dale Williams, SC

"...So easy to tweak things to match any amp. Not a bad sound in it and a v small footprint...brilliant!  I love how it doesn't colour my amp tone, just adds and enhances it.  Thank you & don't be surprised to see my name on your list again, my new favourite!" Justin Wilson, UK

"...You knocked it out of the park with this one... wow!...pedalboard friendly and pushes all my amps to all the right places quickly..."  Scott Kauffman, Eight Track Takes Studio

"...congratulate you on what is the best preamp/drive pedal I have ever played through. I put it on my board, it has not left it and it won't. The way it cleans up with the volume to the cab EQ to the HiCut etc, all exemplary creating a multitude of tonal options beyond what I thought could be squeezed out of a pedal. When Burgs (Brett Kingman) gave his review it inspired me to buy but I still thought he had added a fair bit of mayo on his comments, I must say now, his glowing praise' was bang on.  Everyone should own one of these. Congrats Again." Shane Deane, Australia

                                                                                                     ...MORE COMMENTS ON REVIEW PAGE

Ethos Clean Sound Clips

Mason Razavi

Ethos Overdrive: inspired by one of the most sought after boutique guitar amps ever made.

Mike Hermans: Demo 1

Custom Tones, LLC


Brett Kingman 

Ethos Clean-Fusion II Preamp:  SOLD OUT 

preamps [note: clean fusion deluxe & Clean III info on home page]


1. Tone Stack Options: "Mid Shift" and "Deep"

2. "SKY" and "SSS" are the same tones as "Modern/Classic" from the original clean pedal.  The new names more accurately represent the actual D topologies and avoid confusion of what "70's-80's tones" mean.

3. External Power Range.  The pedal can operate over the range of 9-18VDC providing more headroom if desired.

4. The DRIVE switch offers a hard drive option in addition to the soft drive.  The hard drive feature provides a higher gain dynamic drive capability.