New! ​​ETHOS Clean III Preamp & Amp
An Advancement on the Ethos Clean II where an additional footswitch has been added that allows you to engage the Mid Tone Stack Boost on the fly.  Several other options are offered to allow the artist to customize the pedal to their needs.

ETHOS TWE-1 Clean-to-SCREAM Pedal

Inspired by the Boutique Trainwreck® Express Valve Amplifier

"...Excellent tube-style distortion tone.

Very dynamic and touch responsive.  

EQ options galore."  Guitar Player Magazine


...I've been playing Ken Fischer's Trainwreck Amps since 1985..." 

Stephen Silbert

Shown w/ FXL & HRM mods

​​​"Completely blown away! The CFD is by far, the most amp-like pedal I've played... Not complicated, but with enough tweaking options to get a wide variety of tones."    Jeremy Hutson  [see Review Page for full review]                                                                                             

​​ETHOS Clean II Preamp & Amp
Based on the Clean Channel of the Ethos Overdrive. Boutique Tone
        with a High Degree of Flexibility in a single compact package.

"...The tonal palette is unreal and every knob and switch tweak 
has beautifully precise impact."  Christopher Wirth​

​​ETHOS Overdrive Preamp & AMP

Inspired by one of the most sought after boutique guitar amplifiers ever made.

​"The 101 Best Stomp Boxes of All Time EVER!"
      If price isn't an issue, the Ethos is arguably the best and most versatile

Dxmble-chasing pedal available.  With clean and drive channels, 

it'll do Robben, Larry, Santana..."  

Guitarist Magazine

Custom Tones, LLC


New! ​​ETHOS clean fusion deluxe 


​​Designed to incorporate 15 years of valued customer feedback. This versatile 2 channel preamp/pedal is inspired by the iconic Fender®, Deluxe Reverb® and the much sought after Dumble® Overdrive Special®.

The CFD is Feature Rich while being old school friendly = Straight Forward analog user interface.
Multiple Applications: guitar pedal, direct interface for FOH or recording & a preamp for a power amp.  

Find more details by clicking on the Manual and Specs links below.  

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