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Ethos AMP

Ethos Overdrive Amp
30 Watts of Inspiring Boutique Tone in a 3 lb Package!

Designed for Today's Working Musician
 Effects Port for inserting effects inline
    Powers standard or broadband speakers


                              The Ethos Transitions from Clean to Overdriven Tones just
                                by the Articulation of the Guitar Pick or Guitar Volume Control.

                                The Ethos offers Great Tone and Touch Sensitivity and
                                Provides a High Degree of Flexibility in One Compact Package.

                                Two Independent Channels with an Integral Boost Function--
                                Resulting in 3 Different Foot-Switch Selectable Sounds.

Designed for Today's 
  Working Musician

It Fits in a Backpack!
Dimensions: 1.5" x 7.5" x 4.75"

Same as the Ethos Overdrive Preamp Pedal
Rugged die-cast aluminum chassis
Amp Weight: 1.7 lbs
Adapter Weight: 1.1 lbs
an AMP
It's a Pedal Preamp
a Power Amp
DI interface for broad band systems
(e.g. PA, studio, or PC)

Effects Port used to insert effects in-line
between preamp and power amp.

Preamp out: 1 kohm source impedance
Power Amp In: 1 megohm input impedance



30 Watts RMS into 8 ohms

Power Adapter included:
Input 100-240VAC, 47-63 Hz

Wall outlet plug type: US, 3 prong.

Power Amp: Flat Band response
available in Bypass mode.

HRM eq mod


HRM eq Sound Clips

The HRM eq mod is a three band post overdrive EQ inspired by the later models of the most sought after boutique amplifier.  Designed to work exclusively with the Ethos OD channel, the HRM eq extensively expands the tonal pallet of the Ethos.

  • When used in conjunction with the Ethos pre-overdrive tone stack, the Ethos can produce a wide range of tones covering: jazz, blues, country, rock, and metal genres.
  • Unlike other implementations, the Ethos HRM eq is fully accessible, allowing easy real time adjustment.
  • The Ethos speaker simulator has been redesigned to capture the low frequency response of the HRM eq to provide a full rich tone.
  • HRM Bypass Toggle Switch Option:  Bypasses the HRM eq, and leaves the enhanced low end speaker simulator redesign in place. The mini switch is located on the side of the unit, next to the input jack. 
  • HRM eq Settings Sheet Ethos_HRM_settings_Rev_A_V2.pdf
    247.4 KB


Active FX Loop mod

The FX Loop Mod was developed after great customer demand to locate an Effects Loop within the preamp section of the Ethos Amp. It now can be installed in the Ethos Amp or Ethos Overdrive Preamp. Located to the left of the HRM eq mod.

Locating the FX Loop in the preamp section allows your effects to be heard via the normal and speak sim outputs, as well as the speaker out. 

This configuration can be very useful when running a feed from the speak sim to the PA/board while listening via the amp's local speaker.

The Effects Loop is within the Ethos, so when you bypass the unit, the effects will be bypassed as well.

Loop Type: Serial
Input Impedance: 1 Megohm
Output Impedance: 1 kohm
Jack Location: Amp= front side/footswitch side
Jack Location: Preamp=back side of the Ethos


Ethos 30 Watt Power Amps
 Original Power Amp (above), Power Amp "Mini" (below)
Ethos Power Amps
 work extremely well with Ethos Preamps, other pedals & other instruments!

Utilizes the same 30 Watt RMS power block as the Ethos Overdrive Amp.

Its form factor allows co-location with speaker cabs.

The original stacks conveniently with  Ethos OD & Ethos OD Amp pedals to reduce consumption of board real estate. The Power Amp "Mini" stacks w/Ethos
Clean and Clean-Fusion Pedals.

Power Amp "Mini"

Size: 3.75" x 4.75" x1.25"
Weight: 1lb 11oz with Power Adapter

Power Amp Spec Sheet (original version)Ethos_Power_Amp_Spec_Sheet.pdf
479.3 KB


"The Power Amp is Amazing! You certainly did your homework on that. I power a 112 cab with an EVM12L and still can't get over how great my tone is at any volume.  The dynamics and touch sensitivity seem to be even more apparent than any of the other methods I have used in the past using various power amps both tube and solid state..."  Dan Lear

    "...Wanted to tell you how elated I am with the Ethos  Overdrive Amp!  I received it 10 mins before my rehearsal last night.  I brought it even though I knew I really didn't have time to futz with it...but on a whim I just plugged it in to see how it went...
    The entire band just turned around with a collective 
    'HOLY CRAP! :) you're really getting THAT out of THAT LITTLE THING?!'   'Hah! YEP!'

    ...Can't get enough! So versatile, warm, punchy, mean, smooth...

    I have been thinking of getting a Dxmble Amp Clone (buddy has one and I love it)...but now thinking I don't need it!  Besides saving me about $3000,
    my back is going to be very happy!

    I play in a band here called Yacht Rock Schooner, doing all the smooth 70's hits.  Thanks for making guitar fun again!"  Shannon Pengelly

    "Now that my system is complete, my tube amp aficionado friends (tube snobs...) are baffled.
    There is an Ethos Preamp on my pedal board with additional overdrive pedals placed before and time-based effects after.  That signal gets sent off stage thru a Radial SGI to an Ethos Overdrive Amp set clean and juicy, driving a 2x12 cabinet.  When drummers go out of their way to ask how in the wide world I'm getting that sound, you know you
    got it goin' on.  To me, THIS is the product that revolutionized guitar tone."  Jeff B.

    "Really loving the Amp.  Been playing gigs with no tubes, first time in 30+ years of gigging, never thought this would happen." 
    Jim Mencotti, Band: Jam-Art. see links pg.

    "Thanks a million for the Ethos Amp, I am loving the tone and sensibility on the touch!!!!!!!  I'm still in the dilemma of making up my mind on my final setting cause I get inspiring tones in so many different ones!!!! WOW I'm really ecstatic with it and can't wait to start gigging with it..." 
    Joe Volante, UK

    "I can't thank you enough for your great customer service and the best guitar pedal/Amp I've ever heard."  Bill Jung,

    "I received my Ethos Amp, thank you very much
    for designing this piece of jewelry, it sounds fabulous..." 
    Francois Carpentier, France

    "I played through the Ethos in a live concert tonight.  I can say Amazing, Amazing, Amazing :-)  No difference from
    a tube amp.  Thanks for the beautiful little amp." 

    Daniel Pattis, Switerland

    "...I'm even more impressed with the tone
    than I thought.  I thought I would use it with
    a small pedalboard at home and small gigs/quiet rehearsals.

    I plugged it with a big board that I use with
    a quite loud rock band and I was surprised how loud it was.  My pedalboard (bunch of drive pedals and Line6 M13) sounded actually way better than it sounds through my other Dxmble inspired amps.

    I've been drawn to Dxmble tone and mystique since 1986 or so and spend some serious money to chase *that* kind of tone (some amps and many many pedals)  and while I've been more than happy with my Ethos Preamp version, the Amp version is something I would never have dreamed would work so perfectly!"
    Sampo Kantele, Musician, Finland

    See Review Page for more Customer Feedback and Published Reviews.

    Prices posted on the Order/Contact page.

    Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.


  Amp Demos

  • Artist Information is posted on our Links page.


   Questions / Answers

How loud is the Ethos Amp?
A: In comparison to other guitar amps, the Ethos Overdrive Amp has approximately the same loudness as a Fender Deluxe Reverb.

Can I use it as a preamp alone like the original Ethos?
A: Yes, all the features of the original Ethos are available to the user.  The unit can run with no speaker attached.


Does it have the Key Features of the Ethos OD Preamp?
A: Yes, the Ethos AMP offers Dual Independent Channels with EQ, Overdrive and clean.  Preamp Boost (OD channel). Speaker Simulation Output. Guitar Amp Compensation Circuit with Hi-Cut Tone Stack toggles including: Brite, Modern/Classic, and Jazz/Rock.  Buffered Inactive Mode Mitigates Loading Effects.

What type of power adapter is used and can it be used when I use the unit as a preamp and/or Amp?
A: The power adapter that comes with the Ethos Amp has an Input of 100-240VAC, 47-63 Hz.  It will work in the USA and many other countries.  It works when the unit is used as a preamp or Amp.

How should I set the GAC switch when I'm using the amp?
A: The GAC switch should be turned off or in the down position when using the amp.

What are the speaker impedance requirements?
A: The Ethos Overdrive Amp can use speaker impedances 8 ohms and higher.  The unit is not compatible with 4 ohm speakers.


What guitar speakers do you recommend using with the Ethos Overdrive Amp?
A:  Favorite speakers include: Celestion G1265, EV12s, and Eminence RWB.

How does the FX port work?
A:  The FX port provides a signal break point between the output of the Ethos preamp and the input of the power amp.  This allows the user to post process the Ethos preamp signal before going into the power amp.  To insert an effect, connect the PREAMP OUT to the input of the effect and then connect the output of the effect to the PWR AMP In.

What happens when the unit is bypassed?
A:  When the unit is bypassed, the input signal is buffered and fed to the power amp.  In this mode the Ethos operates as a flat band power amp.

Can the normal Preamp outputs and Power amp run simultaneously?
A:  Yes, all outputs can operate at the same time.  For example, the unit could be used to drive an on-stage monitor or guitar speaker while feeding the board with a SPK SIM signal or another guitar amp or power amp with normal output.

Can the Amp be powered using batteries?
A: No, the Ethos Overdrive Amp must be powered by the power adapter supplied with the unit.

Can the AMP be available with the Classic/TLE Switch?

A: Yes, all previous versions of the Ethos will be available in the Amplifier format.

See the User Manual Page for more Technical Information.


Amp Reviews

"The Amp version...its worth the extra $
...I've tried it through the AST Mojo speaker,
a Marshall 212 w scumbacks in it, and a Celestion blue 12 - all sounding amazing. 

The thing that really got me with the amp version is the clean tones-- you can get nice fender-y stuff, or you can get more modern
full range cleans- if you want to have slight break up thats there too.

The OD channel absolutely rocks, especially through the scumbacks- and you can go from clean to crunch with pick attack with ease. 

Basically it takes it from being an "amp like" pedal into actually an amp, the dynamics is where this really is apparent.  And with the modern settings it can get quite loud too, definately loud enough to keep up with
a have an awsome
sounding amp in such a small package
its worth it."
    Posted on TGP by,
Ben Fink, Singer/ Producer/Composer

"Just got my Ethos Amp a few days ago...the few times I've had it running - Wow, really nice tones.

Suhr tele>>Ethos AMP>>2x12 Marshall
cab with scumbacks.

The clean tones were really fat and juicy,
with lots of sustain.  If you  want to ride it to the breakup you can--very dynamic to play through.  Rock mode is a lot louder than jazz mode.

OD channel is great, so many different
tones possible.  Again big difference between jazz and rock modes....anyway, just wanted to say that so far I'm really impressed with it.  Volume wise, mmm, yeah its around a deluxe or maybe a touch more, haven't tried it into other speakers yet."
  Posted on Fender Forum by Ken Cook, Musician/Artist

"I'm pleased to inform you that I've received the Ethos Amp, which was packaged really well! ... I would also like to state on record that you were very professional in our correspondence and were an absolute joy
to deal with!  Thank you so much."
Greetings from KL, Malaysia 

"The Amp will buy me a level of
redundancy  in amplification.
No more carrying a spare
amp, and it fits in carry-on baggage!
What a fantastic concept."
Bob Shimizu, Jazz Musician/Composer/Recording Artist, See Links Page.

Hi...I rec'd the Ethos Amp today.  WoW!!! This lil pedal amp is just blowing my mind!!! Sounds amazing!!!  Mahalo's (Thanks)!!!   Steve Kubojiri 


The best pedal-amp of the world is here.  Thank you for having created the ethos overdrive.  Best regards,
Savior Nocera from Italy

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