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Mike Hermans Demos the Ethos TWE-1 (above), Ethos Clean II Preamp (below).

"BEST DIRT BOX EVER!!!...I've been playing Ken Fischer's Trainwreck Amps since 1985..." 

Stephen Silbert.  Read More on "Review" Page.

Mod Options

Ethos TWE-1 on Pete Thorn's Pedal Board! 

Ethos TWE-1 on Pete Thorn's Touring Board: starts @ 9:53

Pete Thorn demos the Ethos Clean II Preamp!


Tim Lerch demos the Ethos Overdrive!

Ethos Overdrive

Two Ethos TWE-1 demos by Brett Kingman!

ETHOS TWE-1 is our New Clean-to-SCREAM Pedal!

Inspired by the Boutique Trainwreck TM Express Valve Amplifier

Power Amps

 "...Excellent tube-style distortion tone. Very dynamic and touch responsive. EQ options galore."

Guitar Player Magazine Review

 Email "TWE-1 ORDER" to:   [$225 +s/h]

Ships within 5 days!  See PRICES page for more details.

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