ETHOS TWE-1 Clean-to-SCREAM Pedal

Inspired by the Boutique Trainwreck TM Express Valve Amplifier

"...Excellent tube-style distortion tone.

Very dynamic and touch responsive.  

EQ options galore."  Guitar Player Magazine

$225 USD

​​ETHOS Clean II Preamp & Amp
Based on the Clean Channel of the Ethos Overdrive. Boutique Tone
        with a High Degree of Flexibility in a single compact package.

"...The tonal palette is unreal and every knob and switch tweak 
has beautifully precise impact."  Christopher Wirth​



...I've been playing Ken Fischer's Trainwreck Amps since 1985..." 

Stephen Silbert

Custom Tones, LLC


w/ HRM eq & FX Loop mods

​​ETHOS Overdrive Preamp & AMP

Inspired by one of the most sought after boutique guitar amplifiers ever made.

​"The 101 Best Stomp Boxes of All Time EVER!"
      If price isn't an issue, the Ethos is arguably the best and most versatile

Dxmble-chasing pedal available.  With clean and drive channels, 

it'll do Robben, Larry, Santana..."  

Guitarist Magazine