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"Ethos Clean Variety 1"

by Matthew Marshak
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"I played through
the Ethos
in a live concert tonight.
I can say
No difference from
a tube amp.
Thanks for the
beautiful little amp." 
Daniel Pattis,
Switzerland 7/14


"My second order
   was a no-brainer
     based on my previous               experience with the            outstanding build
   quality and tone
   provided by
   Custom Tones"
  Ty Long 2/18/2014

"...THIS is the

 that revolutionized       guitar tone."
Jeff B.
more on review page.

  "Serious Wings
  for a
   Tone Freak..."
    Richard Sales
       more on review pg.

"Really loving the
Ethos AMP.
Been playing gigs
with no tubes,
first time in 30+
years of gigging,
never thought this
would happen."  
Jim Mencotti
Band: Jam-Art
See links page


  This Lil Pedal Amp
       is just
  Blowing my Mind!!!"
  Steve Kubojiri

"...I received my Ethos TLE two days ago and
I'm still in Shock.

This isn't a 'pedal' even though it looks like one.
the Ethos TLE
is one of the finest 'Musical Instruments' I've ever
seen or heard.

The sonic purity,
range of tone
& lush voice
 make it impossible
for me to call this
a mere 'pedal'.

It is one of those
rare instruments
that can inspire
you to new heights
and has given this 'old dog'
a much needed kick in the backside.'re a
genius in my book.
A tone guru
of the highest order.
I mean every word...

Simply Amazing.

I tried the Ethos
direct into my PA today (Good sized Mackie 4 way system)
and again I was
blown away how it sounded.
I know
now how it'll sound direct
in a studio situation.

Kudos again for a
superior product."

Thank you!!
Jim Henry

"Thanks a million
for the Ethos Amp,
I am loving the tone
and sensibility
on the touch!!!!..."
Joe Volante

"...just fat,
single notes
and chimey,
Fender-y type
and full...
a very rich tone
that I became
addicted to
Mighty Guru
The Gear Page Forum

"To have an

in such a
it's worth it."
Ben Fink
more on review pg.

"The Ethos pedal
I bought a couple of months ago is absolutely
Brandon St. John,
Texas 7/8/2014

"...I have achieved
jaw dropping
that were
totally unexpected..."

(more on review pg.)

Ethos is defined as
"The distinctive spirit
of a culture
or an era."

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                         Ethos HRM eq Mod (for the Ethos Amp or Preamp)

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New Effects Loop Mod               

Product Overview

The Ethos Overdrive was inspired by one of the most sought after boutique guitar amplifiers ever made.  Extensive time and attention to detail were required to emulate the tone and responsiveness of this amplifier. 

The key to the Ethos tone, is its ability to transition from clean to overdriven tones just by the articulation of the guitar pick or guitar volume control.  The Ethos not only offers great tone and touch sensitivity, it also provides a high degree of flexibility in one compact package.  It provides two independent channels with an integral boost function resulting in 3 different foot switch selectable sounds. 

Ethos Overdrive Excels in Many Applications: 

  • 2 Independent Channels added to your guitar amp      
  • Direct Interface for PA, Studio, PC, Direct Recording
  • Preamp for a power amp/speaker combination

  • The Ethos Amp offers all of the above plus an integrated 30 watt power amp.   Compact, Flexible, Powerful, Lightweight. 
                    For more details please refer to the Ethos Overdrive User's Manual.


DECEMBER 14, 2014



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Barbie Almalbis
Recorded Direct

Tim Lerch
"Round Midnight"

Tim Lerch 
"I Remember Clifford"

Mason Razavi 
"Darn that Dream"

Rodney Gene Jr.
"T-Bone Boogie"

Barbie Almalbis


Video 2 

Matt Marshak

Single Coil Rhythm

Custom Tones
Sound Clips

Now Available
The New

The HRM eq mod is a three band post overdrive EQ inspired by the later models of the most sought after boutique amplifier.  Designed to work exclusively with the Ethos OD channel, the HRM eq extensively expands the tonal pallet of the Ethos Overdrive Preamp or the Ethos Amp.

When used in conjunction with the Ethos pre-overdrive tone stack, the Ethos can produce a wide range of tones covering: jazz, blues, country, rock, and metal genres. 

Unlike other implementations, the Ethos HRM eq is fully accessible, allowing easy real time adjustments. 

The Ethos speaker simulator has been redesigned to capture the low frequency response of the HRM eq to provide a full rich tone.

Bypass Toggle Switch Option: Bypasses the HRM eq, and leaves the enhanced low end speaker simulator redesign in place.  The mini bypass switch is located on the side of the unit next to the input jack.

  • HRM eq Soundclips: 

"...the HRM eq is FANTASTIC!  It's made the OD channel so much more useable, with a lot of tonal options...."   Rob Yamanoha, Hilo, HI  5/21/14

Published Reviews

  • Guitarist Magazine:  The 101 Best Stomp Boxes of All Time EVER!    #74 Ethos Overdrive. "If price isn't an issue, the Ethos is arguably the best and most versatile Dxmble-chasing pedal available.  With clean and drive channels, it'll do Robben, Larry, Santana..."     December 2010 UK issue #336, pg. 44

  • Guitar Player Magazine: Reviews the Ethos Overdrive Review Page

  • Performing Musician Magazine: Reviews the Ethos TLE Review Page

  • "7 Killer Guitar Gizmos You Must Have." Brad Wendkos, Writer/Reviewer, True Fire Guitar Forum.  No question about it--the Ethos Overdrive pedal from Custom Tones is a must-have addition to the rig.  Worth every dollar invested and every day spent on the waiting list to get one, the Ethos is no urban guitar myth - it delivers the goods.  The Ethos nails the coveted "D" amp, is extremely touch-sensitive, serves up a phenom range and quality of clean through overdriven tones; is plug and play easy; and is as jaw-dropping in the studio as it is live on the stage.  Fair warning; the Ethos is highly addictive." 
  • The Quest for Good Guitar Tone: "Dumble Overdrive Special in a Box." by Thaddeus Hogarth, Berklee College of Music.  Review Page


New Videos & Sound Clips



  • Colin Trusedell's New Music Video "Quartet of Jazz Death".  Guitarist, Steve Lanemo, plays through his Ethos Overdrive. 11/2014 CLICK HERE


  • Matthew Marshak performing live in Germany. Ethos Pedal Clean side >>Fender Twin>> Boss delay.  9/19/2014  Click Here


  • Tim Lerch  VIDEO:  Lollars>>Ethos Direct>>Pro Tools. 5/3/2014 Click Here


  • Rodney Gene Jr. VIDEO:  Rockabilly Demo Click Here


  • Mason Razavi, Accomplished Guitarist/Composer, plays Jazz through his ETHOS Video
  • Christian Schilli demo: Active Switch on, Clean mode, Boost off, Ethos>>Mesa Boogie Mark 1 Head/ 1973. 
  • Mats Nermark "Double Blues",  Tyler Classic guitar>>Ethos HRM channel.
  • Mats Nermark "Mail From Sue", Collings I-35LC>>Ethos HRM Speak Sim>>Clean Channel.

  • Rodney Gene Jr. video featuring his New song "Barefoot in the Bayou".  Written, performed and produced by Rodney Gene in Austin, Texas. He plays through his Ethos with Bass, Acoustic, and Electric Guitars. Set up: Ethos Overdrive Preamp, TLE Mode, non clean channel OD.  See links page for contact information.  Click Here

  • Steely Dan guitarist Jon Herington steps forward to showcase his brilliant soloing chops like never before, with his new release  "Time On My Hands" Jon used his Ethos while recording "The Bucket Song".  Purchase his album via our links page, itunes, and Amazon.

  • Patrick Yandall video: playing live though his Ethos, and celebrating the release of his new album "Soul Grind".  Purchase at  Click Here

  • Hot Country Style Guitar video demo by Rodney Gene Jr. See links page for contact info. Click Here 
  • Mike Pachelli used his Ethos while recording his song "My Guitar will Say it For Me".  

  • Matt Marshak, "Little Diddy Blues", Ethos TLE >recorded direct into MAC computer. No guitar amp used.  Sound Clip page.

  • Vinnie Zummo, (Joe Jackson's band guitarist). His own song "It's Amazing"   Steinberger>>direct into the Ethos TLE>>compressor>>Pro Tools.

  • Thomas Tiberi, (aka Lil' Howlin Tom), composed and performed the song "Custom Tones".  Ethos Overdrive> Guitar Amp> Yamaha Guitar. 

  • Shane Riling: Tele w/Duncan design pickups>>Ethos OD TLE mode w/ boost on El Capistan>>Direct to Logic. 

  • Visit the Sound Clip page for more demos.

  • Barbie Almalbis's new solo Album "My New Heart" coming soon.  Her new album entitled "Radical Love", with the band Victory Worship, was no. 1 on iTunes Philippines this week! She used the Ethos Direct.  9/25/2014  see photo & link pages.


  • Mason Razavi's new Album "Quartet Plus" is now available.  All of the electric guitar on the record was performed through the Ethos OD pedal going into a Mesa Boogie Studio Caliber Amp.    Posted 9/2014  see links page.


  • Matt Marshak has a new Album "Lifestyle". The main guitar sound is from the Ethos Overdrive Pedal>Fender Twin Amp>Rode NT1a mic in front. see links page.

  • Mats Nermark's Album "My Other Love" is now available.  He plays through the Ethos on his song "My New Ride" (sound clip on Preamp page). Edwards SA-118 guitar recorded direct through a Boss GS-10 >> Ethos Overdrive.  see links page.


  • Tim Lerch has produced a New Instructional Video called: "The Art of Two Note Accompaniment"  He used the Ethos direct to record the guitar.

  • Bill Walker, Lap Steel Guitarist, used his Ethos while recording his new album "Fields and Fences"  A duo album with Turkish guitarist/composer Erdem Helvacioglu.  See Links page.

  • Congratulations to Joan Sebastian for winning the The Voice Award at the Billboard Mexican Music Awards!  His pedal steel player, Bob "Boo" Bernstein and guitarist, Alejandro Blanco, Both play through Ethos Overdrives.  See Photo Pg.

Production Update

Ethos OD and Amps ship within 40 days! 

Our Primary Goal is to ship your Ethos in a timely manner,
while maintaining high standards in Quality, Workmanship & Customer Service.

Thanks for the great feedback! 
Robbie Hall
Custom Tones, LLC

Customer  Feedback
-more on Reviews page-

"I've been using my Ethos Overdrive live for three or four year now and I just wanted to write you guys and let you know how much I love it!  It is an absolutely revolutionary product and has enhanced my tone and playing greatly over the past couple years.  Thank you for an amazing product and for great customer service over the years!  I recorded a demo clip of my Ethos direct to Logic this morning in the style of Robben Ford.  If you'd like to  post it on your website as an example, you are more than welcome to do so!  Thanks again for such a great product!"  Shane Riling 9/27/2014

" We just received the Ethos Amp.  What can we say...hmmm...We were completely floored.  What an exciting amp.  How many directions you can go with it!!! Unbelievable...and we have here 16 vintage amps...  It is a killer...!!!
The extra eq is so good (already have an Ethos Overdrive for years that I use with our amps)  Many many thanks for this.  Gosia, Gosia Guitars, Belgium 7/24/2014

"...The Ethos arrived surely to Southwest Germany.  Yesterday, I used it during our concert.  The sound is really great!! 
My equipment: PRS Santana II, Pete Conish LD1, Ethos, Mesa Boogie MK I (73') or Bludotone Universal Tone, 1 x 12 Mesa Boogie Cabinet + 2 PRS 4x12 cabinets.  Your Ethos gives my guitar a wonderful warm and mellow tone.  Now it sounds more like a violin.  The sound is not too bright, I prefer a darker tone.  Thanks for producing a great musical overdrive!  It's exactly this I was always looking for."  Christian Schilli, Lahr, Germany.  6/7/2014  

"I have been playing for 30+ years and this is unequivocally the best tool I've ever purchased for tonal expression.  I suddenly hear the tones of the great players in my hands.  It's an incredible pedal though the word pedal doesn't even do it justice. Thanks!!" 
Lindsey James Williams, 3/12/2014.

"Thank you for designing this Piece of Jewelry,
it sounds fabulous" 
Francois Carpentier, France.

"...The Amp version is something I would never have dreamed would work so perfectly!"  Sampo Kantele (more on review page).

"The Ethos AMP will buy me redundancy on the amp level as well as the
effects level. 
What a very useful piece of gear!"
  Bob Shimizu (more on review page).

"...I just love this pedal.  I've been waiting for something like this for 40 years!!!  Finally, great tones right out of the box.  I gigged with it recently and the comments
I got from my band mates were more than positive.  They just couldn't believe the improvement in my sound and apparently I played better!

So, does the Ethos make you a better player?  Well I'm here to say... it just might!  Fabulous work...

I've been in the MI biz for close to thirty years and have sold many different
products, but I have to say this is the only product I've seen worth every penny."

Brad Strickland

--More customer feedback on the Review page.

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